Collection and sustainable recycling of used oil

and emptying of grease traps

Olthuis Recycling, The Netherlands

Sustainable solutions for the catering industry

Emptying and
cleaning of grease separators

A grease separator of grease trap is mandatory for any company that discharges...

​​​​​​​your deep-frying oil

Used deep frying oil is waste for your kitchen. Bothersome waste, because you can’t just flush...

Collecting deep-frying oil without barrels

Are you fed up with those ugly, clumsy plastic barrels? Ask us about OptimumOil!

Carefree disposal
of old deep-frying oil

Olthuis takes care of it

Olthuis Recycling is a Dutch family business with a long tradition in the removal and disposal of organic waste all over the Netherlands. We don’t just empty grease traps and swill tanks, we deliver, install and maintain them as well. We collect organic waste to be recycled into bio diesel or bio gas...

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Super quick frying oil collection service. Fixed routes, flexible packaging. Our own fleet of trucks pick up used cooking oil all over the Netherlands...

The OptimumOil drain
system is not only economical
and convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing
to the eye!

Paul van Gurp, Restaurant Fastservice

More than
​​​​​​​40 years of

Family business

40 Yrs experience

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